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  • SEMRush Report (custom)
  • Google Analytics Report (custom)
  • SEO Basics (Video + EBook)
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Blogs are just a bunch of words.  Right?  Wrong.

Well, kind of...

But if that's the end of the story for you, it's no wonder you aren't getting the results you want.

Blogs are marketing assets.

Your blog needs to have a very specific purpose.

Do you know the purpose of your blog? What are the results you want?  Ultimately, what are you marketing?

If you don't know, it's O.K.  Most bloggers begin a bit aimlessly.

If that's you-- let's change that.  Starting now.

Grab a pen and paper.  Seriously, don't open Evernote

We're doing this old-fashioned.

Write down the results you want from your blog.  Here are a few examples to get your juices flowing.

"I want to grow my [offline] business."

"My goal is to make money online."

"Practicing my writing skills."

"Find my voice in the world."

"Create!  I just want to be creative."

BONUS:  Blogs are meaning-making-machines!

We're all pursuing purpose in our lives.

Blogging is the best way I've found to enhance life through presence, purpose, and profits.  Even if you showed up to this game exclusively looking for one of those three things, you end up getting the whole enchilada.  

Writing demands presence.  At least, quality writing does.  And in the long-run, money will fall short of satisfying every part of you.  The great news is that building a blog and writing will organically enhance every aspect of your life.

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  • Everything in Premium Package
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • 3 Social Sharing Custom Designs
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Client Testimonials

I loved how actionable the program was. A few minor but practical changes to my writing strategy, and I had the clarity and strategy I needed to feel empowered. Blogging is such an enormous world, it helped me to have someone take the big picture and break it into bite-sized, actionable chunks. 

Amanda Mercer

My goal has always been to reach the heart of my readers (and grow my business).  But I was stuck without knowing how to get the right people to land on my blog in the first place.  The basic keys from unlocked the doors I needed to move forward and grow my organic traffic.

Julianne Webber - Life Coach

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